Supplying Government-Provided Personnel

The recruitment, training and deployment of high calibre corrections officers to United Nations peace operations are a priority for the Group of Friends of Corrections (GoF). Many members of the GoF provide national officers for deployment to UN peace operations.  This is generally done through the UN's Government-Provided Corrections Personnel (GPP) Modality.  In addition, the Group promotes the GPP programme through outreach to Member States and correctional services and through support to the United Nations pre-deployment training for corrections officers. 

The GPP Modality provides UN peace operations with specialized skills generally found with persons working within government service. GPP candidates are nominated by their governments though the respective Permanent Mission to the UN in New York. 

Corrections GPP most commonly provide advisory, capacity-building and mentoring support to prison authorities in post-conflict countries in highly specialized functions, often co-located at local prisons.

By providing advisory support to national authorities, Corrections GPP help improve the provision of basic prison services, restore law and order and address critical gaps which are vital to establishing the foundations for a functioning safe, secure and humane prison system.

In turn, an international deployment to a UN peace operation enables GPPs to strengthen their skills and exchange knowledge with colleagues from all over the world, valuable experience they will be able to apply back in their national prison service.

Contributing Member States continue to pay national salary and entitlements of the officers, while the UN provides Mission Subsistence Allowance, medical coverage, and assumes the deployment and repatriation costs.

The initial length of service is 12 months with possibility of extension for additional 6 to 12 months.

For more information, Member States and national prison services are welcome to contact the Department of Peacekeeping Operations at