Predeployment Training

Predeployment Training - a Member States responsibility
Of all the corrections personnel deployed through the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, about 75% are provided by United Nations Member States as Government-Provided Corrections Personnel.  It is the responsibility of each Member State to adequately train and prepare its personnel for international service as the expertise that corrections' personnel in a peace operation must possess is considerably broader than the skills and experience obtained as a national correctional officer.
 UNPriPOC – a corrections specific predeployment course

Sweden has been supporting the Department of Peacekeeping Operations through the delivery of corrections-specific predeployment training, called the United Nations Prison and Probations Officers Course (UNPriPOC).  The first session was organized by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service in 2005 and has been delivered annually since. In addition to the UNPriPOC courses in Sweden, the training is regularly held in regional settings in collaboration with the Group of Friends of Corrections, Department of Peacekeeping Operations and engaged Member States such as Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, Canada and Zimbabwe.

The training, available in French and English, is offered to an international group of corrections officers selected for deployment to a United Nations Peace Operation. The following modules form part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Predeployment Training Standards:

  • Corrections Support in Peacekeeping
  • Standard Minimum Rules and a Human Rights approach to Corrections Management
  • Cooperation and Coordination with Key Partners
  • Report Writing
  • Mentoring and Advising
  • Introductions to Project Management
  • Practical exercise: A Day in a Mission Area

Individuals cannot apply for predeployment training; they must be formally working for and nominated by a Member States' Corrections Service. Services interested in nominating personnel to participate in the training, becoming engaged in training initiatives, or obtaining the training material in order to deliver their own predeployment training are welcome to contact the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (SPPSinternationaldep-(d_)-_HK-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_kriminalvarden-(d_)-_se).