About us

The Role of the Group of Friends of Corrections in Peace Operations is to provide expert advice, guidance and support on corrections issues, including by:

  • Providing political support to the United Nations legislative bodies for the appropriate consideration of corrections issues in United Nations peace operations, ensuring that corrections issues are adequately reflected in Security Council resolutions and that mission budgets include the necessary staffing, equipment and funding for corrections support programmes.
  • Assisting United Nations peace operations by providing technical expertise for specific projects.
  • Addressing critical needs in peace operations settings by contributing high calibre corrections personnel to be deployed as correctional experts, training of such staff and financial support to critical programmatic activities to strengthen corrections sectors.
  • Providing expert advice and technical assistance to the implementation of corrections mandates, developing policy, guidance and training materials and establishing and strengthening linkages with United Nations and external partners.
  • Supporting the Department of Peacekeeping Operations/United Nations Development Programme Global Focal Point for police, justice and corrections in post-conflict and crisis situations.
  • Providing support to future United Nations conferences on corrections in peace operations settings.