Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS)

Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) was the result of merging the former National Prisons Service and the Executive Secretariat of National Committee of Community Services as an alternative penalty to imprisonment.

RCS has transformed into an institution that rehabilitates inmates into more responsible citizens upon release .We have increasingly become income generating rather than a fund consuming body.

Much effort was put in designing more appropriate correctional regimes along with promotion of justice that align with international standards, proper coordination with other justice sector institutions while preparing for effective reintegration.

The vision of RCS is to implement the general policy and strategies for effective management of inmates and tigistes by ensuring respect for human rights.

We are part of the United Nations Peace Keeping in Corrections, subscribe to the International Prison/Corrections Management and are members to the IPCA, ACSA and EAC Prisons and Corrections Forum.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 6516, Kigali
Email address: infos-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_rcs-(d_)-_gov-(d_)-_rw